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A solution that beats jamming

solutionthatbeatsjammingA solution that beats jamming
March 2015, Retail (Industry), Training, Conferences & Events

VixNet again took a stand as an exhibitor at the Cape Town Retail Breakfast and Head of Security Business Development, Clinton Lemmer, says the event went well for the company. The people attending the breakfast were the people VixNet wanted to be in contact with and the company was able to get its message across.

VixNet’s message is all about technology and jamming, specifically how it can beat the jammers and ensure the security of property and assets, not to mention lives. The company is busy following up on the leads it generated and has already presented to some of the companies represented.

Lemmer says companies hear so much about anti-jamming solutions, only to find many don’t work as desired, that there is nervousness in the market. “However, once we have demonstrated the effectiveness of our solutions in a real life scenario using real jammers, we quickly win them over.”

VixNet specialises in supplying a proprietary, secure, bi-directional data communications network that can guarantee signal delivery using its own in-house designed radio transceivers. The network uses the Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) technology and does not rely on any other format like GSM to communicate. Lemmer says the DSSS cannot be jammed and has four signal acknowledgement stages to ensure that all signals are delivered to their respective recipient/s. It is also designed to transmit out of difficult RF noisy areas and can penetrate through concrete, making it ideal for retail environments.

The Lion transceiver was at the show and attracted interest from many attendees. It can communicate via serial, Contact ID as well as the conventional relayed inputs, simultaneously or individually. It uses only 600 mW on transmission and so will not unnecessary drain standby batteries in power outages.

And while the Lion is still selling well, still breaking sales targets, Lemmer says VixNet is about to launch a new set of products to the market which will expand its range of products. Some of the new products include a new range of radios with a lower network cost, as well as enhanced software options that allow customers to manage their alarm systems more efficiently.

Currently VixNet has rolled out its infrastructure in the greater Gauteng and Cape Town areas, and it is constantly expanding.