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Our vehicle tracking device is ideal for localised accurate tracking, which can be tracked successfully within our current footprint, see our latest footprint under the Home Page.


The VixNet Hybrid transponder is a tracking device, principally designed for use in vehicles. It operates on a VixNet Network and can use either a VixNet spread spectrum transmission, or GPS co-ordinates to generate location information for the end-user. It has a duress function, one general alarm input with either +ve or –ve, triggering with one relay driver output. The product is limited to the current VixNet Network footprint and is easy to install.

Not jammable

Trackable through difficult RF areas

Tracking communications penetrates through concrete, and other urban areas.

Self tracked

Real time tracking

Not reliant on the GSM networks

No SIM card

Demonstration tracking software available with the product

Flat monthly rate

Lithium Ion battery as back –up

One input either positive or negative

One relayed output to go open or close circuit

Positioning and tracking either using GPS or DSSS


Vixnet’s specialised network using the Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) technology, allows the design and development of unique radio communications devices, across a broad spectrum of applications.


As the security industry ranks high in the needs of specialised services concerning state of the art products, we have developed a tracking product that cannot be jammed. It reports jamming to the relative authorities, whilst being tracked.


This product known as the Dart 2, broadens the product offerings in the mobile security sector. We supply specific products for specific purposes in the security industry.